[Users] ISO_DOMAIN won't attach

Sandro Bonazzola sbonazzo at redhat.com
Tue Nov 5 07:35:42 UTC 2013

Il 04/11/2013 20:58, Bob Doolittle ha scritto:
> Aha - finally nailed it.
> Although iptables was disabled on engine, firewalld was not. Once I disabled firewalld, nfsv3 mounts worked fine, and ISO_DOMAIN was able to attach.
> Is the admin expected to take care of this, or is engine-setup supposed to disable firewalld?

While running engine-setup it asks you if you want to configure firewalld if present.
If you say no it asks you if you want to configure iptables if present.
If you say no you'll need to take care of configuring it manually.
If iptables has been choosen to be configured, firewalld is disabled if present.

Did you add the host from web interface instead of using all in one plugin?
ovirt engine is not able to handle firewalld, see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=995362
Bug 995362 - [RFE] Support firewalld.

> -Bob
> On 11/04/2013 02:52 PM, Bob Doolittle wrote:
>> By wrapping the mount command on the node and recording the mount args, I was able to reproduce the issue manually.
>> Although I can remote mount the iso dir using default options, when I specify -o nfsvers=3 the mount times out, which is the problem.
>> I can do a loopback mount on the engine using nfsvers=3, but I can't do a remote mount from the node. I have SELinux set to 'permissive' on both
>> engine and node.
>> I know I can work around this issue by changing the advanced parameters to specify V4, but would like to understand the real issue first. I've seen
>> the opposite, where v3 works but v4 times out (e.g. if your export isn't part of the root filesystem) but never the opposite like this where v4
>> works and v3 does not.
>> Any clues?
>> -Bob
>> On 11/04/2013 12:06 PM, Bob Doolittle wrote:
>>> I have a fresh, default oVirt 3.3 setup, with F19 on the engine and the node (after applying the shmmax workaround discussed in separate thread). I
>>> followed the Quick Start Guide.
>>> I've added the node, and a storage domain on the node, so the Datacenter is now initialized.
>>> However, my ISO_DOMAIN remains unattached. If I select it, select its Data Center tab, and click on Attach, it times out.
>>> The following messages are are seen in engine.log when the operation is attempted:
>>> http://pastebin.com/WguQJFRu
>>> I can loopback mount the ISO_DOMAIN directory manually, so I'm not sure why anything is timing out?
>>> -Bob
>>> P.S. I also note that I have to do a "Shift-Refresh" on the Storage page before ISO_DOMAIN shows up. This is consistently reproducible. Firefox 25.
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