[Users] oVirt Updates - Special KVM Forum/oVirt edition

Michal Skrivanek michal.skrivanek at redhat.com
Mon Nov 11 14:04:33 UTC 2013

On Oct 27, 2013, at 22:31 , Itamar Heim <iheim at redhat.com> wrote:

> A great week at linuxcon/cloudopen/kvmforum/ovirt conference at Edinburgh, and some other nice feedback on oVirt, meriting a special edition of this update.

There are recordings and slides for *all* the talks in ovirt/kvmforum tracks already, please check out http://www.ovirt.org/KVM_Forum_2013 for slides and youtube session recordings.
Cloudopen videos are not yet released, but they should be professionally recorded, so worth a wait:)


> Feel free to chime in with your feedback as well.
> It is sometimes hard to remember we only released oVirt 3.0 last year, and that it takes time to get traction.
> For example, see slide 3 in the presentation i gave on oVirt Updates[1] to see the clear trend in adoption (via total users mailing list addresses).
> Similarly, in Livnat's oVirt-intro session at CloudOpen, with ~75 people in the room, almost all raised their hand on her question "who knows/has oVirt".
> We had a plethora of topics (same link as [1]), but i wanted to highlight:
> SUSE support
> During Livnat's talk, a question was raised wrt SUSE support.
> Asking for more details, we got ~"I'm running oVirt in testing and RHEV in production. with 200 SUSE 10/11 servers. I just want the guest-agent to have their ip address in the gui".
> So first of all, good to know SUSE runs as a guest without issues.
> Also, the guest-agent itself is just a python script that should just work. Just some packaging is required, so we're looking to revamp this in build.opensuse.org, and hope some SUSE users will help us with closing and testing this one.
> In related SUSE news, I just saw this posted "After looking into oVirt it looks absolutely fantastic. Might look into seeing if I can help with porting this to openSUSE. What kind of work is involved in the porting of the application like this?"
> (discussion ongoing)
> on PPC:
> Leonardo from the Eldorado research center in Brazil gave a lecture on their work to add PPC support to oVirt. Paul Mackerras (KVM PPC developer) from IBM and Alexenader Graf attended and gave a lot of feedback, and potential interest from other PPC vendors, which should be hopefully mostly config level changes.
> User Stories:
> Keele university presented their path to oVirt. Always nice to hear how our project is used, and we actually asked them a lot of questions on why/how they use it the way they do. They also did a case study with Dave Neary, which i hope to see more from oVirt community members.
> Also, always nice to hear: in an irc chat on #ovirt: "I looked at ovirt about 4 months ago and when I came back a few days ago I was blown away at how far it had come! The devs have done an awesome job".
> All KVM Forum/oVirt sessions slides (and youtube's) should be available here[1]
> Thanks,
>   Itamar
> [1] oVirt Updates session by Itamar Heim
> http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRCSQmAOh7yzgheq-emy1xA
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