[Users] RFE question

Jakub Bittner j.bittner at nbu.cz
Wed Nov 20 16:58:14 UTC 2013

Dne 20.11.2013 09:47, Yedidyah Bar David napsal(a):
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>> Dne 19.11.2013 22:57, Itamar Heim napsal(a):
>>> On 11/19/2013 08:33 AM, Jakub Bittner wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I would like to ask how to post RFE to oVirt. I know about google
>>>> spreadsheet, but should I post RFE to users mailing list and after some
>>>> discussion post it to bugzilla?
>>>> I have 2 rfe on oVirt web interface:
>>>> 1) I think that nice to have feature would be to have fourth column with
>>>> disk usage in Virtual Machine tab.
>>> you should open a bugzilla, flagged with FutureFeature keyword (to
>>> mark it as an RFE)
>>> please note just adding items to the googledoc isn't enough - someone
>>> needs to volunteer to develop it as well.
>>> what happens if VM has multiple disks, one at 99% and one at 1%?
>>>> 2) Great improvement wold also be possibility to sort Virtual Machine
>>>> tab by clicking on column name. For example: When I click on "Memory"
>>>> all VMs get sorted by memory usage.
>>>> If this RFE already exists, I am sorry. But I did not find it.
>>>> Thank  you.
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>> what happens if VM has multiple disks, one at 99% and one at 1%?
>> It should report that disk which has higher utilization, because from my
>> point of view I use those columns as first warning, that something
>> should be changed.
> But what about the user that wants to find out which machine has most free
> space, to temporarily host some large set of files?
I think, there are two problem. How to show disk utilization if I have 
more than one disk and how to sort disk utilization if I have more than 
one disk.

1) Show more disks utilization: I think, it should be shown in one 
column next to each another like IP addresses.

2) How to sort.
     2a) It could be sorted by most/least used disk
     2b) as arithmetic mean of all disk percentage utilization
     3b) sort by alphabetically first disk utilization (user can change 
name to have it sorted)(Disk_a 80%, Disk_b 50% == Server disk 
utilization sorted as 80%)

My point why I want disk utilization column is, that I want to see which 
disk should be grown.

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