[Users] oVirt vdsm network problem

Jakub Bittner j.bittner at nbu.cz
Thu Nov 28 13:40:38 UTC 2013

Dne 28.11.2013 13:11, Mike Kolesnik napsal(a):
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>> Dne 28.11.2013 10:12, Mike Kolesnik napsal(a):
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>>>> Hello,
>>> Hi Jakub,
>>>> I found strange problem in vdsm 4.13.0 with oVirt 3.3.1. After 30 hours
>>>> from update (ovirt -> 3.3.1, vdsm -> 4.13) my one vlan network does not
>>>> work. There is nothing in log, I can see network trafic from not working
>>>> vlan on node in tcpdump, but it not come to VM.
>>> Did it stop working all of the sudden or did you change something?
>>>> After vdsm restart on node it works like expected.
>>> Seems like VDSM restored configuration to last known config on that host,
>>> maybe there's something in vdsm.log to indicate what went wrong.
>>>> I take a look in to oVirt -> Host -> Network Interface and all nodes has
>>>> bond interface changed from "Mode 4 Dynamic link agregation" to "Custom:
>>>> mode=4" and Custom mode is filled by "mode=4" Mabe it is the same, but
>>>> who change that?
>>> This is a know behavior but it's still mode 4 it's just the way it displays
>>> it.
>>>> I can have one node in this status if someone will want more info or logs.
>> It works in the evening and when I came to work this morning it was not
>> working. The last think I changed was "Operating system" from "Other" to
>> "Windows 2008 R2 x64" and "Timezone" to "GMT" on that VM.
> Does the VM have IP details defined?
> If this situation occurs, can you try to ping from inside the VM and see (with tcpdump)
> it the traffic flows on the bridge, and if it gets from the bridge to the actual interface (or bond)?
> Also, there might be something interesting from the vdsm log about network changes?

we found problem. It was in network infrastructure. So nothink with 
oVirt. I am sorry ;-)

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