[ovirt-users] Nagios/Icinga monitoring plugin check_rhev3 1.4 released

René Koch rkoch at linuxland.at
Wed Apr 16 12:35:32 EDT 2014

I'm happy to announce version 1.4 of check_rhev3.

check_rhev3 is a monitoring plugin for Icinga/Nagios and it's forks, 
which is used to monitor datacenters, clusters, hosts, vms, vm pools and 
storage domains of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) and oVirt 
virtualization environments.

Download this plugin from: 

For further information on how to install this plugin visit: 

A detailed usage documentation can be found here: 


* New features:
   - Get status of vms on a specific host (Issue #8)
   - Proxy/No Proxy environment variable support (Issue #12)
   - Removed RHEV password from debug output and added plugin version 
number (Issue #13)
   - Default port changed to 443 (Issue #15)
   - Improved source code formatting (Issue #16)
   - Default warning and critical thresholds for CPU load based on 
number of cores (Issue #17)
   - More detailed status information for datacenters, hosts, vms and 
storagedomains (Issue #18)
   - PNP4Nagios templates for datacenter, hosts and vms stati (Issue #23)

* Bugs fixed:
   - Interface traffic in Mbytes/s instead of Bytes/s (Issue #14)
   - Authentication fails if password contains equal sign (Issue #21)
   - Initialization of variable in check_rhev3.pl - thanks 
Administratoor (Issue #22)
   - Memory usage of vms in hypervisor set to 0 if negative (Issue #24)

Please note!
- Default port of API has change to 443. If you're using a different 
port please update your Nagios command definition to use your port (add 
option -p).
- Performance data for datacenter, host, vm and storagedomain status now 
provide more detailed information and therefor use a new format. Please 
convert or remove your old PNP4Nagios RRD databases in order to be able 
to use the new feature.
- Network traffic calculation is fixed, so please remove your old 
PNP4Nagios RRD databases for the network graphs.

If you have any questions or ideas, please drop me an email: ​
rkoch at linuxland.at.

Thank you for using check_rhev3.

Best Regards

René Koch
Senior Solution Architect

LIS-Linuxland GmbH
Brünner Straße 163, A-1210 Vienna

Phone:   +43 1 236 91 60
Mobile:  +43 660 / 512 21 31
E-Mail:  rkoch at linuxland.at

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