[ovirt-users] [Events] Creating an oVirt Speaker's Bureau

Brian Proffitt bproffit at redhat.com
Tue Apr 29 11:48:21 EDT 2014


As we work to raise awareness about oVirt at events around the world, we are always seeking community members who would be willing to attend events on behalf of oVirt to give general oVirt talks, help out with booths/stands, and give workshop-oriented talks. But the problem is that right now, it is not entirely clear where all of you are physically located.

So, to help with this, I want to take a census of anyone who is interested in helping with event work, to create a speakers bureau list. This information would be private and maintained by me so if an event that's "local" for someone happens, we can directly let you know about it and gauge your interest.

If you are interested in speaking at events or helping with workshops, please send me the following information:

Email (or better contact info)
Location (City, Country)
Topics of Interest



Brian Proffitt

oVirt Community Manager
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Phone: +1 574 383 9BKP
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