[Users] [ovirt test day 3] DWH installation

Sandro Bonazzola sbonazzo at redhat.com
Fri Mar 7 02:55:23 EST 2014

For test day 3 I've tested DWH installation.

first step, getting info on how to install it:
    gone to ovirt.org, followed "Start using oVirt now", there's no clue about DWH or reports there or a link to what's next basic oVirt engine setup.
    gone to http://www.ovirt.org/File:OVirt-3.0-Installation_Guide-en-US.pdf no clue about DWH existence
    gone to http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.4_Test_Day no clue on how to test it
    using search lead to the following pages but no instructions on how to setup it there:

    Not opening a BZ because Yaniv told me he's aware of the issue and will update the wiki starting next week.

second step, installation with:
    # yum install ovirt-engine-dwh
    # engine-setup
	    Install Data Warehouse on this host (Yes, No) [Yes]: Yes
	    selected local database, automatic provisioning

just installed usage experience: I've installed DWH, now what?
    connected to the web application, looking for DWH info: nothing on the webapp
    followed guide link: leads to http://www.ovirt.org/Documentation
    no clue there, so followed Guide to oVirt features which land to http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.0_Feature_Guide which is outdated

Not sure if open a BZ about above or if it will be fixed as part of the wiki update.

installed reports for seeing stats collected by DWH:
    opened Bug 1073340 - traceback looking at system dashboard on a cleanly installed system

That said, once added an host and created a VM everything looks working fine on both Fedora 19 and CentOS
I wasn't able to test it on Gentoo because snmp4j failed to build due to unmappable ascii encoding (I'm using italian locale)
Not opened a BZ on gentoo bugzilla since it comes from an experimental overlay

Second test, install with remote DB:
    needed to use ovirt-3.4-snapshot instead of ovirt-3.4.0-prerelease for having the fixes on remote DB setup
    hit Bug 1067548 - [DWH-SETUP][TEXT] - misconfiguartion of remote DB setup
    note that also report is affected by the same issue
    other than that it seems to work fine on Fedora 19 and CentOS.

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