[ovirt-users] Moving hosted engine storage

Garry Tiedemann garrytiedemann at networkvideo.com.au
Thu May 8 11:40:45 UTC 2014

Hi guys,
Has anyone successfully moved hosted-engine before?
I built 3.4 hosted-engine on CentOS a couple of weeks back, over gluster NFS with a keepalived, per Andrew's procedure. I want to switch to kernel NFS on localhost:/hosted-engine, and retain gluster underneath, just for mirroring.
Should have been simple, drop gluster NFS, mount the glusterfs locally on each host, alter hosted-engine.conf, fire up hosted-engine. Not so good, the all-zeros storage pool just wouldn't come online. I have logs, though anyone who recognises this would know it without. 
I have a few other vms running, isolated on one host for convenience. A rebuild is not out of the question.
Would appreciate any pointers from the community.
Regards to all,

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