[ovirt-users] Nova- oVirt Driver : Adding NIC to VM

Udaya Kiran P ukiran770 at yahoo.in
Wed May 28 07:46:00 EDT 2014

Hi All,

I am working on Nova - oVirt driver. I was able to test the VM life cycle successfully - spawn, suspend, resume, shuttof, start and terminate.

I am now exploring the Neutron integration in oVirt. I have imported the Network (Net1) form Openstack to oVirt. 

I get the below error when I try to add a NIC (for imported Net1) to the VM (created by Nova-oVirt driver), having the same MAC address which is assigned in Openstack (Port Details page).

"Error while executing action Add NIC to VM: Failed to communicate with the external provider."

However, I am able to add a NIC with different MAC address. 

What changes needs to be done to add a NIC with MAC address as assigned by Neutron? Please suggest.

I am using oVirt 3.4.0-1.fc19.

Thank you.

Udaya Kiran
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