[ovirt-users] Ceph

Alek Paunov alex at declera.com
Wed May 7 19:54:51 UTC 2014

On 01.05.2014 10:07, Jiri Moskovcak wrote:
> When I read [1] I got curious how much demand for supporting Ceph we can
> expect in the near future. So if use it or plan to use it please let us
> know.

We are committed to deploy exactly Ceph (RBD) for several deployments in 
Bulgaria. [Because, in our humble opinion, Fedora/oVirt/Ceph is the 
optimal stack for the mass case corporate class datacenters today.]

Our pilot project (for a datacenter in a state university) do not have 
strict deadlines, but we hope to be online before the end of 2014.

We will try to contribute back as much as possible - as early adopters 
feedback or VDSM patches, where we are able to debug and workaround the 

Kind Regards,

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