[ovirt-users] help with sriov vdsm hook?

Darrell Budic darrell.budic at zenfire.com
Thu May 8 18:54:22 UTC 2014

Anyone gotten the SRIOV hook to work with Solar Flare 10g cards? Any advice?

I've gotten the hooks installed on my host nodes, and added a string to my engine. The card is up in SRIOV "mode" on the host and virtual instances are available. I can see the hooks running in the vdsm logs, but can't tell what they are doing from there. They are not attaching the sriov card instance to my VM though, so I'm at a loss.

As an aside, it'd be really nice to have hooks register with the engine and add proper custom strings to the setup. Failing that, some explicit documentation on EXACTLY what string should be used for the hook would be nice. My first pass at it resulted in an improper string that caused my host to crash/hang and reboot when I attempted to start a VM with it the first time.

Speaking of which, I added my custom string to UserDefinedVMProperties, not CustomDeviceProperties. Was that correct?



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