[ovirt-users] user portal and stateless vm pool behavior

Jeff Clay jeffclay at gmail.com
Fri May 9 02:25:46 UTC 2014

if a user takes a vm from the pool and uses it, then disconnects; can that
vm then be assigned to another user immediately or quickly? the vm's in my
pools run as stateless, is there a way to automatically get the vm's to
reboot when a user disconnects so that it's fresh for the next user? i'm
using windows 7 vm's and windows clients with virt-viewer to connect to the
vm's. I've written a quick script that runs on the engine and tails the
engine log looking for disconnects then reboots the vm when a disconnect is
seen from a non-admin user, but i'm not familiar enough with how things are
intended to work in the backend to know if my script is needed or if i'm
just unaware of a certain feature or function.

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