[ovirt-users] Template deployment over NFS and hooks

richard.seguin at marisec.ca richard.seguin at marisec.ca
Sat May 10 11:51:10 UTC 2014

I posted my my original email to the devel list by mistake... My issues would be better answered by the usergroup.


Good morning,

I have two questions.

1.  Is there a way to make hooks so that they apply to all instances and templates? rather than setting one at a time?

2.  I believe I already have the answer to this,  however I just want to be sure that there isn't a better way. I have a ovirt node that basically uses NFS for everything (data and ISOs), and it is slow as heck to get an instance to build.  I'm using a 100MB switch, I have a feeling that this needs to be upgraded...  Software wise though, is there anything I can do to speed up template deployments to that node?


Richard Seguin

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