[ovirt-users] Open source events in Austria - summary/feedback

René Koch rkoch at linuxland.at
Mon May 12 15:35:40 UTC 2014


As you might have noticed/read there were 2 events in Austria with oVirt 

* Grazer Linuxtage from April, 4th till April 5th in Graz

Grazer Linuxtage had a new visitor record of 800 participants on 
Saturday (100 during the workshops on Friday) and oVirt was represented 
by Peter Stöckl (Solution Architect at LIS-Linuxland GmbH), Frantisek 
Kobzik (oVirt developer at Red Hat) and me.

On April, 4th the oVirt workshop took place (with 6 other workshops at 
the same time). In this workshop with 20 participants the following 
topics where covered in 3 hours:
- What is oVirt?
- Installation of oVirt engine
- Installation of oVirt hosts
- Storage domain configuration (data, iso and export)
- Network configuration
- Installation of virtual machines from ISOs
- Live migration of these virtual machines
- Creation of snapshots
- Export and (re)import of virtual machines
- Maintenance Mode of hosts and storage domains

Every participant received a Live-USB-stick with oVirt 3.4, which was 
used as a host in our oVirt workshop setup. So we ended up with 20 hosts 
in 1 datacenter...

Here are the workshop slides if you're interested in:

* http://glt14-programm.linuxtage.at/attachments/143_oVirt%20Workshop.pdf

At the moment they are German only, but I'll translate the slides and 
make them available for everyone who plans to do a workshop as well.

On April, 5th I had a talk about "new features of oVirt"  with approx. 
40 participants which covered:
- What is oVirt
- What's new in oVirt 3.3
- What's new in oVirt 3.4
- oVirt extension (Monitoring with check_rhev3 and Monitoring UI-Plugin)

The reason for the small amount of participants was definitely the fact 
that oVirt isn't well known enough here in Austria (so I guess I have to 
do some homework :) ).

If you understand German you can have a look at the slides and the video 
of the talk:



Also on April, 5th we had the oVirt stand where Peter, Frantisek and I 
had many talks with interested people and received good feedback and 
also feature requests. The most asked features are:
- Support for Linux container (lxc)
- Support for ARM cpus
- Support for Debian (host and engine)

Last but not least some impressions from the Grazer Linuxtage event:

* https://www.flickr.com/photos/62816961@N00/sets/72157644222260467/
* http://linuxtage.at/galerie/

* Linuxwochen Wien from May, 8th till May 11th in Vienna

oVirt was represented by Peter Stöckl (Solution Architect at 
LIS-Linuxland GmbH) [Thu-Fri], Michal Skrivanek (oVirt developer at Red 
Hat) [Fri], Denise Stöckl (Junior Account Manager at LIS-Linuxland GmbH) 
[Thu-Sat] and me [Thu-Sat].

 From Thursday till Saturday we had the oVirt stand with a Live 
Demo-System and had some interesting talks with conference participants. 
Many of the guys who came to the stand where really surprised how many 
features oVirt offers compared to their standalone virt-manager setups. 
The highlights where live migration and cloud-init for them. Admins of 
bigger companies saw a real alternative to their VMware setups in oVirt

On May, 8th my talk about "new features in oVirt" took place. It was 
basically the same talk as in Graz. Here you can find the slides:


The 50 listeners of the talk asked a lot of questions and the feedback 
was that oVirt looks like a good alternative to VMware.

On April, 9th I had the oVirt installation workshop, which was the same 
as in Graz with the exception that I didn't made it interactive, but 
showed all the steps on 3 notebooks of mine. This was due not enough 
live sticks and missing infrastructure (no pcs in the workshop room). 15 
participants made it easy for everyone to ask detailed questions to all 
the steps we did.

Also for the workshop in Vienna I have German slides available:


Feedback from users was really good and the top questions for features 
were also:
- Support for Linux container (lxc)
- Support for Debian (engine and hosts).

Here are also some pictures of the Linuxwochen Vienna event stand (we 
don't have pictures with participants or pictures of talk/workshop yet):

* https://www.flickr.com/photos/62816961@N00/sets/72157644677843233/

Last but not least I want to thank Brian, Dave, Michal and Frantisek 
from oVirt team and Peter and Denise from LIS-Linuxland for supporting 
me bringing oVirt to these 2 events.


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