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Einav Cohen ecohen at redhat.com
Tue May 13 16:44:42 UTC 2014

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> luckily for you, I am one of them :) Italian is now added.
> ;-)
> ok, started with messages part...
> is it correct that I can translate only oVirt master branch (and rhevm ones)?
> Will it be automatically applied to 3.4 too?

every version in Zanata tracks the translation for a different ovirt-engine
the 'master' version in Zanata is tracking the translation for the 'master' 
branch in ovirt-engine's code repo. therefore the 'master' version should 
*always* be kept up-to-date with regards to translations. 
the 'ovirt-3.4' version in Zanata is tracking the translation for the 'ovirt-
engine-3.4' branch. 
AFAIK, the ovirt-engine-3.4.1 code was already branched out of ovirt-engine-3.4, 
therefore we will need to create an 'ovirt-3.4.1' version in Zanata if we would 
like to track translations specifically for ovirt 3.4.1 (the 'ovirt-engine-3.4' 
code branch is now the baseline for ovirt-engine-3.4.2, AFAIK). 

we are typically not updating translations for versions that were already 
GA'd (3.4), therefore I recommend to concentrate at this point only on the 
'master' version (which is currently tracking the ovirt-engine-3.5 translations, 

once we will branch the ovirt-engine-3.5 code out of the 'master' code branch, 
I will create an 'ovirt-3.5' version in Zanata, to track the ovirt-engine-3.5 
translations. the 'master' version will remain the translation tracker for the 
'master' code branch [which would practically become the baseline for the next 
ovirt-engine planned release (ovirt-3.6?)]. 
from that point on, translations which we want to land in ovirt-3.5 will need 
to be updated in both the 'master' version and the 'ovirt-3.5' version in Zanata 
(very similar to code patches: once we branch out, if we want a certain piece 
of code to land in ovirt-3.5, we will need to fix it in 'master' as well as in 
the 'ovirt-engine-3.5' branch). 

> If I have a 3.4.1 environment can I then easily apply my translation over so
> that I can check with real application?

again, doing translations specifically for 3.4.1 is problematic, as I explained 
above; I recommend working on a 'master'-based environment. 
in order to apply your translations, a regular ovirt environment is not enough - 
you will need a development environment, since the GUI code needs to be 
re-compiled with the new locale to make that new locale available in the GUI. 

> Gianluca
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