[ovirt-users] Upgrade instructions 3.3.3 to 3.4.<latest>

Jim Rippon jim at rippon.me.uk
Wed May 14 09:27:41 UTC 2014


Thanks Sandro 

On 2014-05-12 16:43, Sandro Bonazzola wrote: 

> Il
12/05/2014 14:11, Jim Rippon ha scritto:
>> Hi all, I'm running a
production stack on 3.3.3 with Three datacentres (one in my DMZ with two
hosts with NFS, one in my DMZ on the engine host with local storage and
one internal with NFS storage). Could you point me in the direction of
the upgrade instructions I should follow in order to go from where I am
to where I need to be in terms of upgrading, and what downtime I might
need to incur so I can plan it?
> Latest 3.4 is 3.4.1, you can find
upgrade instructions here:

doesn't seem to be any documentation about what I should do with my
running instances - should I put hosts into maintenance before
upgrading, will my virtual instances persist throughout an upgrade -
anyone able to clarify what impact an upgrade will have? 

>> Thanks in
> You're welcome
>> Jim
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