[ovirt-users] LUN Issues

Neil nwilson123 at gmail.com
Wed May 14 12:11:18 UTC 2014

Hi guys,

I've got a bit of a strange one and at this stage it doesn't seem to
be causing any noticeable problems, but I'd rather investigate it now
than run into a problem in future.

Basically, 3 LUNS show up as being unassigned and when I try assign
them, oVirt says they are already assigned, (which is correct if I
look at the total storage in my datacenter)..

Size:    6887 GB
Available:    1819 GB
Used:    5068 GB
Allocated:    7413 GB
Over Allocation Ratio: 70%

...these are my LUNS that I have available.

6TB (5580MB divided into 12 x 465MB LUNS)
900MB (838MB single LUN)
500MB (465MB single LUN)

I've also check on the LVM side from one of the hosts and they are
definitely assigned already, but the question is, why are they showing
as "select-able" from the oVirt admin side?

I'm running ovirt-engine-3.3.3-2.el6 on Centos 6.5 and I'm using an FC
SAN for storage.



Neil Wilson.
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