[ovirt-users] getting 404 after fresh install of oVirt 3.4 on CentOS 6.5 (+ solution)

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed May 14 14:31:14 UTC 2014

On Wed, 14 May 2014, Yedidyah Bar David wrote:

>> herrold:
>> certainly a fair question ... There is also a statement in
>> that setup script as to needed filesystem space which seems to
>> have been simply 'pulled out of the air', rather than
>> documented / explained
> I searched a bit and can't find a sizing guide etc. for the engine.
> You can find stuff for the hosts if you search a bit.
> My current guess is that
> 1. It's based on anecdotal real-world use

The drive space requirement particularly is sized for a 
locally hosted (on the engine) filestore.  Decoupling this 
seems like an obvious place for improvement

> 2. It's meant to prevent people from wasting time on not-enough-memory
> (and disk space) issues etc.

As to ram, the sheer size sought [16 G 'recommended' with a 4G 
'minimum'] initially made me quite hesitant to set up, as it 
meant dedicating a significant host overon the testing bench 
to the project.  It is seemingly running without problem in a 
'minimum' of 2G here

> 3. In practice, people that use ovirt for more than a 
> minimal setup, will have to have some nice hardware for the 
> hosts, and so dedicating part of that to the engine is not a 
> big issue. Especially with hosted-engine where you do not 
> need a dedicated physical machine.

But this is certainly not the message being communicated by 
the warning.  Getting more 'mass' of external testers is 
always a goal. Having 'drop in testers' for release 
candidates along the way -- who would set up a minimal 
candidate, and then tear it down at the end of the process -- 
is even more valuable, 
> No-one prevents anyone from doing some research and publishing the results,
> you know - e.g. a table showing "An engine managing X VMs on Y hosts used
> such-and-such disk space over the first day/week/month/year of use, and had
> this-and-that average response time (or something more complex) when running
> with such-and-such RAM". If, based on that, you think we can/should provide
> more info regarding minimal/recommended RAM/disk for specific use cases, you
> are then welcome to update the wiki. Patches to setup are welcome too :-)

Indeed, my personal hope was to get an automated puppet and 
buildbot 'end consumer of ovirt' setup working so I could 
'chase bleeding edge', but I have not been able to attain this 
yet.  It may be that other tools (Foreman ?) need to be 
explored by me
> Note that current limitations are never failing setup - they are always
> just warnings. You are welcome to ignore them (and feed that to your answer
> files if you run setup repeatedly).

The manual nature of that script is also an issue, and so 
'sourcing' a response file, and only asking unanswered 
questions, is also on my docket to write

-- Russ herrold

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