[ovirt-users] Sizing Recommendations For oVirt+Gluster

Breandan Dezendorf breandan at dezendorf.com
Fri May 16 12:40:26 UTC 2014

I am planning on doing a small-scale oVirt setup to prepare for a
larger deployment at $JOB. I've looked over the mailing list and done
some research via Google, but I am having trouble getting a sizing
recommendation for what I want to do. I plan to run 8-10 VMs, each
with 1-2 GB RAM and 1 or 2 virtual processors. On the storage side, I
have 4.5 TB of various media that I would like to make available along
side VM storage, the bulk of which is non-compressable Nikon NEFs.

I was looking at a pair of servers: Quad-core Xeon's with
HyperThreading, 32 GB of RAM, quad gigE Intel NICs.  I have 8 2TB SATA
hard drives and 6 750GB SATA hard drives to spread between the

I know it's possible to run the gluster storage on the same nodes that
oVirt VMs are running, but I am wondering if this is wise, with the
load I'm suggesting and the server specs I've outlined here.  Ideally,
if either node has to be taken down, I'd like to be able to
move/migrate all the VMs to the other node, do the maintenance needed,
and bring the node back online. I'm willing to take a performance hit
while one node is down, but I need all VMs and storage services to be

Breandan Dezendorf
breandan at dezendorf.com

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