[ovirt-users] power outage: HA vms not restarted

Yuriy Demchenko demchenko.ya at gmail.com
Mon May 19 10:09:42 UTC 2014

Yuriy DemchenkoOn 05/19/2014 01:27 PM, Eli Mesika wrote:
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>> Subject: [ovirt-users] power outage: HA vms not restarted
>> Hi,
>> i'm running ovirt-3.2.2-el6 on 18 el6 hosts with FC san storage, 46 HA
>> vms in 2 datacenters (3 hosts uses different storage with no
>> connectivity to first storage, that's why second DC)
>> Recently (2014-05-17) i had a double power outage: first blackout at
>> 00:16, went back at ~00:19, second blackout at 00:26, went back at 10:06
>> When finally all went up (after approx. 10:16) - only 2 vms were
>> restarted from 46.
>>   From browsing engine log i saw failed restart attemts of almost all vms
>> after first blackout with error 'Failed with error ENGINE and code
>> 5001', but after second blackout i saw no attempts to restart vms, and
>> only error was 'connect timeout' (probably to srv5 - that host
>> physically died after blackouts).
>> And i cant figure why HA vms were not restarted? Please advice
>> engine and (supposedly) spm host logs in attach.
> Hi Yuriy
> What I see is that the log for 2014-05-17 is started at 2014-05-17 00:23:03 so I can not track the first interval you had mentioned (00:19 to 00:26)
00:23 is the time when engine booted up after first outage, that's why 
logs started at 00:23:03
> However, I can clearly see that at 2014-05-17 00:23:03 the engine was restarted and at 2014-05-17 00:23:09,423 we had started to get connection errors.
> We had tried to solve the problem by doing Soft-Fencing (actually vdsmd service restart) on the problematic hosts, but ssh to the host failed so we had tried
> to hard-fence the host (restart/reboot), but this was due the configurable "quite time" in which we are preventing fencing operation after an engine restart which
> is set by default to 5 min (DisableFenceAtStartupInSec key in engine-config) and therefor we had skipped the fencing operation...
my hosts usually boots slower than engine, long bios checks + random 
power on delay (120s), thats why at first engine reports connect errors
however, in logs i see, that some of them were allready up and engine 
successfully contacted them:
2014-05-17 00:23:10,450 INFO 
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-18) Correlation ID: null, Call Stack: 
null, Custom Event ID: -1, Message: State was set to Up for host srv11.
2014-05-17 00:23:10,456 INFO 
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-4) Correlation ID: null, Call Stack: 
null, Custom Event ID: -1, Message: State was set to Up for host srv4.
2014-05-17 00:23:10,458 INFO 
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-11) Correlation ID: null, Call Stack: 
null, Custom Event ID: -1, Message: State was set to Up for host srv7.
2014-05-17 00:23:10,460 INFO 
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-20) Correlation ID: null, Call Stack: 
null, Custom Event ID: -1, Message: State was set to Up for host srv9.

and after 00:23:11 i saw no fencing-related messages, only vm restart 
attemts that failed with strange errors like:
'Failed with error ENGINE and code 5001'
'Candidate host srv1 (2a89e565-aa4e-4a19-82e3-e72e4edee111) was filtered 
out by VAR__FILTERTYPE__INTERNAL filter Memory'
'CanDoAction of action RunVm failed. 

> For the first period as I said I only can guess that one of your hosts fencing attempts was after those 5 minutes and therefor it was rebooted and the HA VMs were freed to run on other host.
> For the second period on which I have logs, the host fencing failed due to the required "quite time" and in this situation the only hing you can do in order to have the HA VMs running again is to
> right-click on each host and press "Confirm that host has been rebooted"
but i see in logs - after second period, at 10:14+ all hosts but one 
(srv5) were up and power management verified successfully, isn't that 
should be enough for engine to verify all ha vms down and restart them?
2014-05-17 10:11:56,946 INFO 
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-75) [dbc315d] Correla
tion ID: 73469dd6, Call Stack: null, Custom Event ID: -1, Message: Host 
srv17 power management was verified successfully.

in fact, at ~17:55 my colleague restarted engine, forced spm selection 
and started all vms - all started without errors, and he didn't had to 
click 'confirm host has been rebooted'
> Regards
> Eli
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