[ovirt-users] glusterfs tips/questions

Gabi C gabicr at gmail.com
Wed May 21 08:34:54 UTC 2014


I have an ovirt setup, 3.4.1, up-to date, with gluster package 3.5.0-3.fc19
on all 3 nodes. Glusterfs setup is replicated on 3 bricks. On 2 nodes
'gluster peeer status' raise 2 peer connected with it's UUID. On third node
'gluster peer status' raise 3 peers, out of which, two reffer to same
node/IP but different UUID.

What I have tried:
- stopped gluster volumes, put 3rd node in maintenace, reboor -> no effect;
- stopped  volumes, removed bricks belonging to 3rd node, readded it, start
volumes but still no effect.

Any ideas, hints?

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