[ovirt-users] QEMU hangup with SPICE console

Markus Stockhausen stockhausen at collogia.de
Thu May 22 06:48:19 UTC 2014


our hypervisor nodes are running on FC19. virt-preview repos is activated. 
Windows VMs are using SPICE protocol.

>From time to time we see hangups of the windows machines. QEMU
has 100% CPU and a perf report gives the following output:

Samples: 70K of event 'cycles', Event count (approx.): 49527366887

 51,76%  qemu-system-x86  libspice-server.so.1.8.0  [.] 0x000000000005a6e8
 41,15%  qemu-system-x86  [vdso]                    [.] 0x0000000000000701
  2,09%  qemu-system-x86  libc-2.17.so              [.] clock_gettime
  1,10%  qemu-system-x86  libspice-server.so.1.8.0  [.] pthread_self at plt
  0,60%  qemu-system-x86  libpthread-2.17.so        [.] pthread_self
  0,53%  qemu-system-x86  libspice-server.so.1.8.0  [.] clock_gettime at plt
  0,27%  qemu-system-x86  qemu-system-x86_64        [.] 0x00000000001d6238

No SPICE client is connected to the VM.
Any idea how to isolate the error better?

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