[ovirt-users] Selecting which host to run a VM on using ovirt-shell SOLVED

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Wed May 28 20:57:52 UTC 2014

Joop wrote:
> Hi List,
> As per the subject, I have a desire to start a lot of VMs after a 
> maintenance shutdown of our infrastructure and I would like to either 
> evenly spread the load among the hosts or to restart the VMs on the 
> host they were on before shutdown.
> Getting the list using ovirt-shell and transforming that to a 'action 
> vm ABC start' is no problem but I can't find if its possible to 
> specify the host to run the VM on.
> Is this possible using ovirt-shell and can someone point me to some 
> docs? (Have read (all) the rhevm docs but either overlooked or its not 
> there)
Answering my own question:
The help describes something about parent identifiers and references the 
examples below but there is no example of how to use parent identifiers. 
Extrapolating from disks belonging to a vm a reasoned that vms belong to 
a host so did 'list hosts' and copied the id. It says 'An object 
identifier is an option of the form '--<type>id <id>' but it looks this 
is confusing, atleast to me.
This is what worked:
action vm VM_NAME start --type ID_OF_HOST

The help has 2x id which confuses me.


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