[ovirt-users] VM external-VM name was created by Non interactive use

Nathanaël Blanchet blanchet at abes.fr
Fri May 30 13:06:15 UTC 2014


I imported a vm as a template from the glance public repo included in 
ovirt 3.4. When creating a new VM ("azerty") based on this template, I 
run once with cloud-init. The first boot behaves normally and my vm 
"azerty" goes up. When trying to reboot, it always fails and I can't use 
it anymore. In addition, a new empty externel-azerty vm is created with 
the "external" prefix by a mysterious "non interactive user". When I 
delete it, it is automatically recreated unless I remove azerty.
Can anybody explain?

2014-05-30 14:30:56,249 INFO 
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-63) [34c4344f] Correlation ID: 34c4344f, 
Job ID: ab2120a6-82e4-4312-a288-fa3e127cc9bc, Call Stack: null, Custom 
Event ID: -1, Message: VM external-azerty was created by Non interactive 
2014-05-30 14:30:56,254 INFO 
(DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-63) [34c4344f] Lock freed to object 
EngineLock [exclusiveLocks= key: external-azerty value: VM_NAME
, sharedLocks= ]

Nathanaël Blanchet

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