[ovirt-users] Ubuntu/Debian support?

Itamar Heim iheim at redhat.com
Mon Nov 17 02:41:32 EST 2014

So, a quick non-scientific poll...

Motivation: It has been suggested that adding ubuntu or debian distro 
support could broaden the reach of the oVirt community.
To date, there has been some work towards this goal, but it is not 
"coming to a conclusion".

Questions that comes to mind:

1) Is this still an issue?
2) Can we afford to dilute the focus we have as it is hard enough to
    stabilize the currently supported distro's? is it worth the
    potential impact?
3) Would it have maintainers catering to it so it won't be left behind
    / delay development?
4) Why bother with host support, ovirt-node can be used?
5) Why bother with engine support, a virtual appliance or a docker
    image could be used?
6) if we do it, should we focus on Ubuntu or Debian distro first?
7) if we do it, should we focus on host or engine first?



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