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Sandro Bonazzola sbonazzo at redhat.com
Tue Nov 25 10:44:22 EST 2014

Il 24/11/2014 03:02, Xie, Chao ha scritto:
> Dear Lior,Sandro
> 	Lior, Thanks for replying~
> 	Sandro, can u help to teach me the easiest way to do VLAN in Hosted Engine Environment?

well, if you just need to create a tagged vlan interface to be used by hosted engine, you can follow fedora guide for creating the tagged vlan nic:

Once the device is created you just need to select it when executing hosted-engine --deploy.

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> Hi Xie,
> Yes, that's exactly what it means, and you indeed need to create a VLAN device manually and then choose it in the interactive script. CCing Sandro to assist with how this is most easily done.
> Yours, Lior.
> On 21/11/14 03:34, Xie, Chao wrote:
>> Hi, Lior
>> 	Thanks for replying. Yesterday I tested  VLAN successfully  in the 
>> normal 3.5 environment. As the release Note, 
>> (http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.5_Release_Notes), Hosted Engine 3.5 
>> supports the new function of VLAN。 Is it meaning the "rhevm" logical 
>> network use "VLAN" ? If  I am right, can you help to teach me how to 
>> use it? (I think it must be creating a VLAN manually before deploy 
>> hosted engine, then we should choose the vlan when deploying?)
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>> On 19/11/14 10:45, Xie, Chao wrote:
>>> Hi, Lior:
>>> 	I configure the switch port connecting the host's NIC which hold the "testvlan" logical network. I try the NIC hold normal logical network ,VM using the logical network worked well. But if I hold the VLAN logical network, the VM using it didn't get IP.   
>> Hello Xie,
>> This is what leads me to believe that your DHCP server (which is in charge of allocating IP addresses) only receives non-tagged traffic. Is it possible you need to configure other ports to pass the VLAN-tagged traffic?
>> Lior.
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>>> On 19/11/14 05:01, Xie, Chao wrote:
>>>> Hi,all
>>>>          Recently I test the VLAN and have some problems. I 
>>>> configure the Logical network “testvlan” with “VLAN tagged” and 
>>>> assigned it to hosts’ NIC. Then I create a VM using  “testvlan” and 
>>>> found the vm can’t get IP . Does anyone have some ideas about VLAN?
>>>>          p.s. I already configure the switch port as TRUNK mode and 
>>>> the vlan id is 1 (default value).
>>> Which switch port? Maybe the port(s) leading to your DHCP server aren't configured to allow traffic on this VLAN?
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