[ovirt-users] How to See Ovirt Console From a Remote Windows Host

Daniel Abrich daniel at abrich.eu
Mon Oct 13 05:11:07 EDT 2014

Jon Forrest <nobozo at ...> writes:

> I know that this is simple for some of you, but I also
> know from Googling around that lots of people have had
> trouble seeing their ovirt console from a remote Windows
> host. Below I describe what finally worked for me. I hope
> this helps somebody avoid wasting as much time as I did
> today.
> I'm a fairly experienced VMWare user who's learning ovirt.
> I just installed an all-in-one ovirt server and copied a
> CentOS 6.5 iso into it. I then tried to boot a new VM
> but soon learned that console access is different in ovirt
> than on VMWare.
> I then spent over an hour trying the various documented
> ways to view a remote console using Spice on my Windows 7
> desktop. I even tried using a Linux VM to see if the Firefox
> plugin for Spice would work. Nothing.
> What finally worked was installing the virt-viewer Windows
> client (http://virt-manager.org/download/). Then, I opened
> the ovirt Administration Portal in Firefox running on my
> Windows 7 desktop. I created a new VM and configured it
> the way I wanted. Then, from the "Virtual Machines" tab, I started
> the new VM. Pretty soon the little console icon turned green so
> I clicked on it. I got the prompt from Firefox asking me what
> app I wanted to associate with the ".vv" URL that opened when
> I clicked on the console icon. I browsed around and selected
> \Program Files\VirtViewer\bin\remote-viewer.exe
> which is from the virt-viewer client package I installed above.
> I told Firefox to always use this app for this kind of file.
> This works great! I was able to boot the CentOS system and
> install it with no problems.
> Good luck!
> Jon Forrest

Hi, I have one problem with that. I believe that the problem is rather in
oVirt, not the viewer. I have oVirt installed at work and I also have
connection to the work environment using IPv6 tunnelling (Windows WAN). In
the oVirt all hosts are added using FQDN. The problem is that all hosts in
the LAN (inside the company) are resolved via IPv4 and the same FQDN is
resolved via IPv6 when I'm connected via WAN. In the console.vv file I can
see the IPv4 address unfortunately and the connection to the console via WAN
is not working. If I change the file putting FQDN to the "host=" line
everything is working fine.

How to change the oVirt? I'd prefer that the line "host=" contains the FQDN
(or whatever is being put in the engine database) not the IP address?



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