[ovirt-users] Change password using ovrt api is not working

Juan Hernandez jhernand at redhat.com
Wed Oct 22 10:21:48 EDT 2014

On 10/22/2014 07:31 AM, Shanil S wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently i have updated the ovirt version to 3.5 and after that the
> reset password using api is not working but there isn't any errors
> returned. The following xml is i used for the reset password and it was
> working with the previous version
> <action>
>             <vm>
>                 <os>
>                     <boot dev='cdrom'/>
>                 </os>
>                 <initialization>
>          <cloud_init>
>         <users>
>          <user>
>            <user_name>root</user_name>
>            <password>$newpass</password>
>          </user>
>            </users>
>         </cloud_init>
>        </initialization>
>             </vm>
>         </action>
> Could you please have a look at the above xml ? Is there anything
> modified in the new version ?
> The reset password is working fine from the ovirt admin panel and the
> issue is only when we use the ovirt api to reset the password.

That didn't change, your XML should work. I tested it in my environment
and it works as expected. The only thing that I can imagine failing is
the password containing values that break the XML syntax. Try to
surround the value with a CDATA section:


This is good practice, even if it isn't the cause of your problem.

As usual the first step to debug this is to check if the cloud-init
floppy has been generated correctly. Start the VM, go the host where it
is running, locate the qemu process and the location of the floppy img:

  # ps -ef | grep -- '-drive file=/var/run/vdsm/payload/.*\.img'

Make a copy of that file, mount and inspect it:

  # cp /var/run/vdsm/payload/...img /tmp/f.img
  # mount -o loop,ro /tmp/f.img /mnt
  # find /mnt
  # cat /mnt/openstack/latest/user_data
  # umount /mnt

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