[ovirt-users] New Feature: engine NIC health check

Yair Zaslavsky yzaslavs at redhat.com
Fri Oct 10 13:14:37 UTC 2014

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> Sent: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 2:33:06 PM
> Subject: [ovirt-users] New Feature: engine NIC health check
> Hi,
> here's link for new feature, related to monitoring engine's NIC, trying to
> detect failure on engine itself and it that case block fencing.
> http://www.ovirt.org/Features/engine_NIC_health_check
> thanks for every input, namely for one addressing some of opened issues.
> M.

I was curious  on how you perform the health check, so I read the feature page - good to learn more Java :)
Regarding open issues -
a. Yes, IMHO the scanning interval should be configured via engine-config - do you see a reason why not to do that? Maybe we should set a minimal interval value and enforSce it?
b. Same for the "no faiures since.." interval
c. I dont like the name of the table you're suggesting. Please consider an alternative. Also you may want to consider having a view that returns you the "static infomration" of the nic + the "stats" part (dynamic part? maybe just nic_state ? ) Why would u like to purge old data and not just hold a record per nic and update per each interval? in this case, no purging is required.
Maybe for DWH you will want some info on the history of the status of the nics... but I'm not sure if this is relevant for now.
d. If you go with my view suggestion, you  might consider displaying the "state" at REST-API


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