[ovirt-users] Vlans and subnets

Demeter Tibor tdemeter at itsmart.hu
Tue Oct 14 17:58:06 UTC 2014

Hello all, 

I've created a self-hosted ovirt engine with two node, but on the last steps the engine-setup could not attach the node to the "default" cluster. 
I think it was because I have different services on different vlans. 
I have vlan100 for glusterfs and vlan101 for vdsm hosts with different subnets. Also, I have an another connection (eth1) with different subnet for internet acces and this is the default route. 

I would like to separate ovirt services, networks and glusterfs to different vlans/subnets by security reasons. 
But I don't know what services need to be on same vlan/subnets. 

My questions/goals 

- which services need to connect to another ? 
- Is hosted engine's vm need to be on same network with gluster ? 
- Is hosted engine's vm need to be on same network with vdsm hosts? 
- I want to separate ovirt/gluster networks from ovirt VM-s/public internet access 
- I don't want to extra traffic on router 

Does anyone experience with this way? 

Thanks in advance 


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