[ovirt-users] Packet loss

Kyle Gordon kyle at lodge.glasgownet.com
Tue Oct 14 21:13:43 UTC 2014

Evening all,

I'm having major issues with a self hosted setup (oVirt 3.4.4 & CentOS
6.5) on Hetzner, with 2 subnets allocated to the server. Routing to
and from the additional IP ranges is working as expected, and I can
allocate any of the IPs to a virtual interface on the host and get
connectivity, so from what I can tell the network routing side of
things is correct.

However, when I move any of the allocated IPs to any of the guests, I
get 1 ICMP response before complete packet loss. This happens at all
times, even with iptables completely unloaded and an Accept policy
thoughout. The structure is just a basic bridge called ovirtmgmt that
all interfaces are bound to. Guests that are affected can communicate
with other guests on either of the two subnets, and also with the
host, so the bridge is up and running, but when it comes to any
traffic trying to egress by the default route, it comes to a halt.

In addition, all the hosts have unique MACs, dmesg shows that the
appropriate vnets are entering forwarding states and STP is disabled
on the bridge. And just to confuse matters, one guest is working just
fine - yet when the settings are replicated to any other host the new
host still fails to work. Even if I put the working IP onto another
guest, it fails to transfer any data. All I get is constant who-has
requests on the host bridge whilst the guest looks for the next-hop.

Has anyone experienced this before? Where's next on the list of places to look?!



Kyle Gordon - 2M1DIQ
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