[ovirt-users] AllInOne Installation ovirt3.5 on CentOS 6.5 fails

Werner, Patrick patrick.werner at hs-heilbronn.de
Tue Oct 21 15:03:42 UTC 2014

Hi Didi,

vdsm.log is empty and not owned by root:
-rw-r--r-- 1 vdsm kvm 0 Oct 21 13:44 /var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log

In order to identify when this empty log is created i just reinstalled ovirt 3.5 AllInOne on a fresh installed Centos 6.5 as root user (the ls -l /var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log* output from above is from the fresh install)
the empty vdsm log is created after the installation step:
yum install -y ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-allinone

Then i did the engine-setup step (Complete settings/log at the end of this mail). Again with the error:
[ ERROR ] The VDSM host was found in a failed state. Please check engine and bootstrap installation logs.
[WARNING] Local storage domain not added because the VDSM host was not up. Please add it manually.

If i then enter webadmin the host is in the „install failed“ state. (vddm.log still empty)

I then clicked on reinstall host. After this the whole webadmin page becomes unresponsive. I’ve waited 15 min and then rebooted the machine - now the server isn’t responding on port 443 and 80. (I will now install again and don’t click on the reinstall button)
If u need more logs or information i’ll be happy to provide them.

Thanks for your help
Patrick Werner

[root at ex1 ~]# engine-setup 
[ INFO  ] Stage: Initializing
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
          Configuration files: ['/etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/10-packaging-aio.conf', '/etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/10-packaging-jboss.conf', '/etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/10-packaging.conf']
          Log file: /var/log/ovirt-engine/setup/ovirt-engine-setup-20141021150349-89gh3c.log
          Version: otopi-1.3.0 (otopi-1.3.0-1.el6)
[ INFO  ] Hardware supports virtualization
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment packages setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Programs detection
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
[ INFO  ] Stage: Environment customization
          --== PRODUCT OPTIONS ==--
          Configure Engine on this host (Yes, No) [Yes]: 
          Configure WebSocket Proxy on this host (Yes, No) [Yes]: 
          --== PACKAGES ==--
[ INFO  ] Checking for product updates...
[ INFO  ] No product updates found
          --== ALL IN ONE CONFIGURATION ==--
          Configure VDSM on this host? (Yes, No) [No]: Yes
          Local storage domain path [/var/lib/images]: 
          Local storage domain name [local_storage]: 
          --== NETWORK CONFIGURATION ==--
          Setup can automatically configure the firewall on this system.
          Note: automatic configuration of the firewall may overwrite current settings.
          Do you want Setup to configure the firewall? (Yes, No) [Yes]: 
[ INFO  ] iptables will be configured as firewall manager.
          Host fully qualified DNS name of this server [ex1.gecko.hs-heilbronn.de]: 
          --== DATABASE CONFIGURATION ==--
          Where is the Engine database located? (Local, Remote) [Local]: 
          Setup can configure the local postgresql server automatically for the engine to run. This may conflict with existing applications.
          Would you like Setup to automatically configure postgresql and create Engine database, or prefer to perform that manually? (Automatic, Manual) [Automatic]: 
          Engine admin password: 
          Confirm engine admin password: 
          Application mode (Both, Virt, Gluster) [Both]: Virt
          --== PKI CONFIGURATION ==--
          Organization name for certificate [gecko.hs-heilbronn.de]: 
          --== APACHE CONFIGURATION ==--
          Setup can configure the default page of the web server to present the application home page. This may conflict with existing applications.
          Do you wish to set the application as the default page of the web server? (Yes, No) [Yes]: 
          Setup can configure apache to use SSL using a certificate issued from the internal CA.
          Do you wish Setup to configure that, or prefer to perform that manually? (Automatic, Manual) [Automatic]: 
          --== SYSTEM CONFIGURATION ==--
          Configure an NFS share on this server to be used as an ISO Domain? (Yes, No) [Yes]: No
          --== MISC CONFIGURATION ==--
          --== END OF CONFIGURATION ==--
[ INFO  ] Stage: Setup validation
          --== CONFIGURATION PREVIEW ==--
          Application mode                        : virt
          Datacenter storage type                 : False
          Firewall manager                        : iptables
          Update Firewall                         : True
          Host FQDN                               : ex1.gecko.hs-heilbronn.de
          Engine database name                    : engine
          Engine database secured connection      : False
          Engine database host                    : localhost
          Engine database user name               : engine
          Engine database host name validation    : False
          Engine database port                    : 5432
          Engine installation                     : True
          PKI organization                        : gecko.hs-heilbronn.de
          Configure VDSM on this host             : True
          Local storage domain directory          : /var/lib/images
          Configure local Engine database         : True
          Set application as default page         : True
          Configure Apache SSL                    : True
          Configure WebSocket Proxy               : True
          Please confirm installation settings (OK, Cancel) [OK]: 
[ INFO  ] Stage: Transaction setup
[ INFO  ] Stopping engine service
[ INFO  ] Stopping ovirt-fence-kdump-listener service
[ INFO  ] Stopping websocket-proxy service
[ INFO  ] Stage: Misc configuration
[ INFO  ] Stage: Package installation
[ INFO  ] Stage: Misc configuration
[ INFO  ] Initializing PostgreSQL
[ INFO  ] Creating PostgreSQL 'engine' database
[ INFO  ] Configuring PostgreSQL
[ INFO  ] Creating/refreshing Engine database schema
[ INFO  ] Creating CA
[ INFO  ] Configuring WebSocket Proxy
[ INFO  ] Generating post install configuration file '/etc/ovirt-engine-setup.conf.d/20-setup-ovirt-post.conf'
[ INFO  ] Stage: Transaction commit
[ INFO  ] Stage: Closing up
          --== SUMMARY ==--
          SSH fingerprint: <deleted by Patrick Werner>
          Internal CA <deleted by Patrick Werner>
          Web access is enabled at:
          Please use the user "admin" and password specified in order to login
          --== END OF SUMMARY ==--
[ INFO  ] Starting engine service
[ INFO  ] Restarting httpd
[ INFO  ] Waiting for VDSM host to become operational. This may take several minutes...
[ ERROR ] The VDSM host was found in a failed state. Please check engine and bootstrap installation logs.
[WARNING] Local storage domain not added because the VDSM host was not up. Please add it manually.
[ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up
          Log file is located at /var/log/ovirt-engine/setup/ovirt-engine-setup-20141021150349-89gh3c.log
[ INFO  ] Generating answer file '/var/lib/ovirt-engine/setup/answers/20141021150654-setup.conf'
[ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO  ] Stage: Termination
[ INFO  ] Execution of setup completed successfully

M.Sc. Med. Informatics Patrick Werner
Research Associate



GECKO Institut für Medizin, Informatik und Ökonomie
Hochschule Heilbronn
Max-Planck-Str. 39
D-74081 Heilbronn
Telefon: +49 (0)7131 – 504 1125
Mail: patrick.werner at hs-heilbronn.de
Web: http://www.gecko.hs-heilbronn.de/

Am 21.10.2014 um 12:24 schrieb Yedidyah Bar David <didi at redhat.com>:

> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Patrick Werner" <patrick.werner at hs-heilbronn.de>
>> To: "Yedidyah Bar David" <didi at redhat.com>
>> Cc: users at ovirt.org
>> Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 11:37:47 AM
>> Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] AllInOne Installation ovirt3.5 on CentOS 6.5 fails
>> Hi Didi,
>> i’ve uploaded all logs to:
>> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/31918578/logs.zip
>> engine.log is full of:
>> 2014-10-21 03:17:06,292 WARN
>> [org.ovirt.vdsm.jsonrpc.client.utils.retry.Retryable] (SSL Stomp Reactor)
>> Retry failed: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused
>> warnings.
> I see that vdsm.log is empty. Is it indeed? What's the output of
> ls -l /var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log*
> ?
> If it's indeed empty, and is owned by root, that it means that some
> process ran by root created it, and later the vdsm user fails to write
> to it.
> We had several cases like that in the past, some of them failed to be
> fully diagnosed. Some relevant links:
> http://gerrit.ovirt.org/25912
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1080580
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=912308
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1055153
> A trivial workaround is:
> chown vdsm:kvm /var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log
> If you can come up with any idea about how this happened (e.g. if you
> can correlate the timestamp of the file with something else that happened
> on the system, etc.), we'd love to hear about it. Adding some vdsm people.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Didi

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