[ovirt-users] Hosted engine - not redefine iptables

Finstrle, Ludek lfinstrle at netsuite.com
Thu Oct 23 16:01:19 UTC 2014


  I'm installing hosted engine oVirt 3.5 and I try to avoid iptables
changes from ovirt. I set OVEHOSTED_NETWORK/firewallManager=str:disable
and it's working during first phase of installation. The problem I see
is when the hosted node (physical host) is added into engine the
iptables changes for the ovirt node (physical host).

I'm using --config-append for both ovirt-hosted-engine-setup and
engine-setup also. Is there any way to suppress changing iptables rules
during the last phase (adding ovirt node into engine)?

I know there is check box during adding node from GUI (but I can't use
it for additional hosted node).



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