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Sven Kieske s.kieske at mittwald.de
Fri Oct 24 14:37:40 UTC 2014

On 24/10/14 15:31, Bill Dossett wrote:
> Hi, Thanks for that.  I understand I can see that, but in vmware we sometimes get orphaned VMs that the portal loses for one reason or another and you have to register the with the system again.   Or If I move to some new storage and have to copy the VMs to the new storage and then reregister them with a new storage domain - I normally browse the datastore in VMware for the vmx config file and then I can reregister it...  But maybe Ovirt when you present a new storage domain just sees the VMs and you don't have to register?  I haven't been down this route - well I sort of was, but also if I have VMs on a storage domain and say want to connect it to another data center, can I non-destructively do that?  Sorry, kind of a steep learing curve I've been on for the last couple of weeks.

You should keep the users list cc'ed so everybody with the same
questions can find the answers too :)

Well I never have seen "lost" vms in ovirt, but if you want to move
vms between storage domains afaik the only way to currently do so
is to export a vm from a data domain to an export domain and than
import from this export domain to another data domain.

export domains are basically nfs storage systems, so you want to make
sure your firewall and selinux settings are correct.

it's also possible to detach export domains, tar them
and then untar them in another ovirt einvironment and import
this whole export domain (use the "-S" flag if you have "sparse" vms!).

this should also be possible for data domains somehow:


but I didn't try this myself yet, so I don't know if this really
works yet (new features tend to need a point release until they
are matured enough ;) )


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