[ovirt-users] adding LINKDELAY to ovirtmgmt when vdsm configures it

Jason Keltz jas at cse.yorku.ca
Thu May 7 17:05:14 UTC 2015

On 05/06/2015 10:48 AM, Jason Keltz wrote:
> Hi.
> Is it possible through engine to specify configuration parameters for 
> network interfaces that must be passed through on initialization?  For 
> example, I need em1 and em2 configured with "LINKDELAY=10".  I can add 
> it after the fact, but I don't want to do that.  I want vdsm to 
> configure the interface with that setup already the first time.
> Jason.

Argh x 10.

I have 2 x Intel 10G ports on an Intel X540 adapter.  If I kickstart a 
brand new host, and configure em1 with "LINKDELAY=10", the system boots, 
and gets an IP via DHCP.  If I then add the host through engine, vdsm 
reconfigures em1 and removes LINKDELAY.  Now, since the network adapter 
takes a little extra time to initialize, install fails.  If I add 
"LINKDELAY=10" back manually to 
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-em1, VDSM will happily remove it on 
the next reboot.  If I modify 
/var/lib/vdsm/persistence/netconf/nets/ovirtmgmt, and insert: 
"linkdelay":"10", and reboot, vdsm fills it in for me as I'd expect, but 
it's too late - engine thinks the install already failed!  I can delete 
the "failed install" host, and re-do the install.  This time it will 
work, but then my instructions are messy... "Install the host, let it 
fail, modify a file manually, re-install"... clearly, not clear!!   
Finally, as a last attempt, I've tried to copy 
/var/lib/vdsm/persistence/netconf/nets and bonds to the host during 
kickstart, hoping that when vdsm initialized, it would see those files 
there, and I'd have all 4 networks configured already for me. The result 
is weird.  ovirtmgmt configured fine including LINKDELAY=10.    The 
other ones did not.    I suspect it's a bad idea to write directly to 
/var/lib/vdsm/persistence/netconf ... What I want to do doesn't seem 
like it should be too complicated...

Ideally, when you add a host through engine, you should be able to 
specify custom network parameters.  Likewise, when you add the other 
interfaces, you should be able to do the same.  Any ideas how to solve 
this problem?


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