[ovirt-users] Problems with ISCSI storagedomain

Andrea Ghelardi a.ghelardi at iontrading.com
Tue May 12 10:25:03 UTC 2015

Hi Luciano,
I suggest you to check log files which usually provide a goof indication of
what is going on.... usually....
You want to check the engine logs (ssh into your hosted engine, then
/var/log/ovirt-engine) and vdsm logs on your hosts (/var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log)
You want also to check if you multipath is updated and ok (multipath -ll or



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Subject: [ovirt-users] Problems with ISCSI storagedomain

Hello everyone!

I'm running oVirt 3.5, and recently had an issue with a split brain
situation in the hosted engine's image. After solving that, I got the engine
up an running, but something went wrong with my main storage.
I have a datacenter with main storage being ISCSI, called vms-main-storage.
This storagedomain is marked as inactive. The only action I can attemp to do
to it is activate it. But it won't. It just fails and no reason is given in
the web ui. I also tried activating it through the cli, and result is status
400, reason bad request, detail internal engine error. Strange thing is that
VM's are still running with their images in this storage and they are
running with no problem at all!
How can I have this storagedomain again in a healthy state???

Luciano Natale

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