[ovirt-users] Possible SELinux problems with ovirt syncronizing networks

Jeremy Utley jeremy at ifuzioncorp.com
Fri May 15 20:03:48 UTC 2015

Hello all!

Running ovirt 3.5 on CentOS 7 currently, and running into a little
problem.  All my nodes are currently showing the ovirtmgmt network as
unsyncronized.  When I try to force them to sync, it fails.  Looking at the
/var/log/vdsm/supervdsm.log file on one of the nodes, it looks like it has
to do with SELinux.  See:


Which contains a dump of the supervdsm.log file when I tried to force
syncronization.  Judging from what I'm seeing, after VDSM writes the new
network configuration files to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-*, it
attempts to run a selinux.restorecon function against those files.  Since
we disable SELinux by default on all our servers, this action is failing
with Errno 61 (see lines 66-71 and 86-91 in the above-mentioned pastebin).
Is this normal?  Is ovirt expecting to run with SELinux enabled?  Or am I
mis-interpreting this log output?

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me!

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