[ovirt-users] Gluster and Export Storage

ml at ohnewald.net ml at ohnewald.net
Tue May 19 10:45:46 UTC 2015

Hello List,

i have a GlusterFS Data (Master) Storage and a NFS Export Storage.

Now my NFS Export Storage is broken. Does this also put my GlusterFS 
Data Storage into Unknown status?

I think my GlusterFS Storage is totally fine, but it wont come up. :-(

° No Split Brain
° Peers are there
° everything is online

Its related to this: 

It would be cool to get my GlusterFS Up and Running again in order to 
migrate the vms onto one host and then reboot my empty one.

Here is some more gluster info: http://fpaste.org/223283/03230114/

Any ideas? Does the NFS Export Problem really block my GlusterData Domain?!


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