[ovirt-users] Adding FCP - Request for comments

Fábio Coelho fabio.coelho at jfsc.jus.br
Wed May 20 17:09:37 UTC 2015

Thoughts about Adding Storage Luns 

As I am new here, I would appreciate some advice about some actions that I intend to perform, please read. 

I have added a LUN to my cluster and, for that task, I had to restart every node of it. There was no LUNs before, multipathd was stopped and multipath.conf inexisted. I was able to log in and manually configure multipath.conf, a simple multipathd start was not enough. 

If this wasn't enough, my double NetAPP ( through an Hitachi ) provided me with a not so empty brand new LUN, and the task to add the FCP failed to point this. Trusting my double, I spent some precious time searching for different problems, until receiving some guidance and do a simple dd if=/dev/zero to the initial blocks of the LUN. 

Consulting the documentation ( http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_Administration_Guide#Adding_FCP_Storage ) for this matters, was not of any help. 

So, my questions: 

This is the intended behavior? Should I open a ticket? 

Should I add a note to documentation to point such behavior? ( i'm about to ) 


by qoelheX 

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