[ovirt-users] providing hosts with foreman

Soeren Malchow soeren.malchow at mcon.net
Fri May 22 17:46:18 UTC 2015

Dear Nathanaël 

We have all this running, i cced our “Foreman Guy” maybe he can bring you on the right track, but i assume that he won’t help before Tuesday


On 22/05/15 18:57, "users-bounces at ovirt.org on behalf of Nathanaël Blanchet" <users-bounces at ovirt.org on behalf of blanchet at abes.fr> wrote:

>Hello Yaniv,
>Okay for the DNS proxy, everything works now as expected.
>I have a new question now about the install host workflow.
>The host is in "installing OS" state, and on the host side it has been 
>successfully installed. But now how to complete the host vdms 
>installation and registration?
>I found this on your wiki :
>"For other OS - at first step won't do the registration by themselves, 
>but foreman will do that using a plugin (plugin will send REST-API call 
>to add or approve the host) "
>After investigation, I found that this plugin was this one : 
>ruby193-rubygem-ovirt_provision_plugin (and with foreman 1.8 we can 
>activate it with foreman-installer now)
>But nothing happens once the OS is installed et the state is stuck on 
>"installing OS". Communication between foreman and engine is okay and 
>without firewall issue... I found nothing significative into the foreman 
>logs or somewhere else...
>What is it supposed to happen at this step?
>Le 17/05/2015 17:35, ybronhei a écrit :
>> Hey Nathenael,
>> On 05/13/2015 06:28 PM, Nathanaël Blanchet wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I've setup a foreman server, but when adding a new host by "discovered
>>> hosts", I can't modify the address item which is default filled with a
>>> built "mac-DNS".
>> Not exactly, it set the address field to be the name you choose for 
>> the host dot (.) the domain that related to the picked host-group
>>> In ovirt setup, I want to identify my future hosts by their IP and not
>>> their unknown DNS name like it is described here:
>>> http://www.ovirt.org/Features/ForemanIntegration.
>> IP addresses can and should be dynamic based on your DHCP server 
>> configuration, but DNS name should stay the same. Adding the host that 
>> way to engine uses satellite to configure its DNS entry and other 
>> network configurations. That's why we lock the address field and fill 
>> it with the future FQDN.
>>> How can I setup foreman to do such a thing? Is the setup of the DNS
>>> proxy related?
>> Yes, the DNS setup is related to it. We depend on it. Using IP address 
>> might brake the integration between engine and satellite when the DHCP 
>> service is configured with address ttl option and can give the host 
>> different IP address in next boot. So currently we don't support 
>> address modification with Discovered\Provisioned Hosts
>> If that answer is not clear feel free to ping me in irc (ybronhei 
>> @freenode #ovirt) or reply here
>> Regards,
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