[ovirt-users] gluster config in 4 node cluster

Soeren Malchow soeren.malchow at mcon.net
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For a production environment i would not build a 2 node gluster, i would build at least 3 nodes to have it much easier with the quorum.

Taking into account that you can use commodity hardware i would also suggest to split the services, but i would go for at least 3 gluster nodes – which add up to at least 5 nodes for a HA system.

If you want 4 in any case, then my suggestion would be to go for 4 replicas, each node has anything that it needs to run and you can basically use NFS to localhost for the storage which would make the nodes always access the local storage for the VMS, availability wise it makes no difference.


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As for me, I would build one cluster with gluster service only based on two nodes (replica 2), and the other one with virt service only based on other two nodes. I think this variant is more scalable in future.

PS. I am a new in oVirt, so do not except that I am wrong.

28.05.2015 23:11, paf1 at email.cz<mailto:paf1 at email.cz> пишет:
How to optimal configure  4 node cluster for any one node goes to  maintenance without stopping VM ??

a) replica 4  - but it takes a lot of space
b) disperse 3+1 ( raid 5 ) - but bad performance and not visible by oVirt 3.7.2
c) stripe2+replica2 = but VM paused

any other idea ?

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