[ovirt-users] oVirt Community Newsletter: September 2015

Mikey Ariel mariel at redhat.com
Fri Oct 9 14:23:31 EDT 2015

There was a lot of activity in the oVirt community this September, with 
so many talks and presentations given to the community at large, you'll 
have hours to watch this month!

Videos, though, aren't the only thing happening in the oVirt Community 
this past month. Check out our newsletter to learn more:

Software Releases

oVirt 3.5.4 Final Released

oVirt 3.5.5 Second Release Candidate is now available for testing

oVirt 3.6.0 First Release Candidate is now available for testing

moVirt is Currently Available in the Google Play Store

In the Community

Welcome to the New oVirt Community Lead

Event Report--LinuxCon NA 2015

QEMU Maintainers on the 2.4 Release

Event Report--LinuxCon NA 2015

Examining IT Infrastructure (including oVirt) [Italian]

Importing KVM guests to oVirt or RHEV

RHEV: How to Import a VMware ESXi OVA Disk Image into RHEV-M

Nested KVM virtualization with RHEV

Manage VM snapshots in RHEV/oVirt with ManageIQ

How to import existing VM from virsh to ovirt

Migrating from cPanel to a cheap “private cloud” – Part 1

Create an oVirt Cluster Node First, Engine Later

Installing oVirt 3.5.3 All in One on my fitlet-x

Get the most out of oVirt with moVirt app

Deep Dives and Technical Discussions

moVirt Deep Dive
https://youtu.be/6w9t1wxNKBE (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 1: Enable Nested KVM
https://youtu.be/MJCo9zzJdrg (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 2: Download and Install QEMU
https://youtu.be/gHZx0aEUZf8 (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 3: Set Fixed IP, FQDN and oVirt Download Engine
https://youtu.be/yKSrRSJvarc (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 4: Creating NFS Share
https://youtu.be/WCyJJA10-rY (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 5: Set oVirt Engine
https://youtu.be/PVhdbPZYflc (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 6: Download, Create VM and Install oVirt Node
https://youtu.be/r4xNaLQH1jU (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 7: Set oVirt Node
https://youtu.be/6S_B5cvAtjU (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 8: Add Node and Shared Folder to Engine
https://youtu.be/tu0JoufSY_8 (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 9: Add Shared Folder to ISO Files
https://youtu.be/OeqYvNqDIEU (Video)

oVirt Tutorial Series, Part 10: Create VM Within the oVirt and Install SPICE
https://youtu.be/Pl4OArmSko8 (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: Host Device Passthrough - Host View
https://youtu.be/Iog6J5WtWdg (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: Host Device Passthrough - VM View
https://youtu.be/WIo2NR2NvX4 (Video)

oVirt Deep Dive: oVirt Katello/Satellite Integration
https://youtu.be/H4M9B_z2FTs (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: AAA - Local User Management
https://youtu.be/CUsaqLQIkuQ (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: Power Management UI Changes
https://youtu.be/AkfAMpEykdU (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: Storage - LUN resize
https://youtu.be/VxvurM-8n5s (Video)

oVirt 3.6 Deep Dive: 'Console in use' feature
https://youtu.be/U0v1Q8Rrxww (Video)

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