[ovirt-users] Shared storage between DC

Arsène Gschwind arsene.gschwind at unibas.ch
Mon May 2 15:39:04 UTC 2016

Hi Idan,

Thanks a lot for your answer, that's clear now.
I will change my setup and use 2 cluster in the same DC instead.
In the case using 2 cluster in the same DC I've noticed that all Storage 
domain have to be available for all clusters, in my case I use SAN 
Storage. Is this by design or is there a way to have some Storage Domain 
only available on one cluster but not on the others?


On 05/02/2016 02:33 PM, Idan Shaby wrote:
> Hi Arsène,
> The only storage domain that can be shared between datacenters is the 
> iso domain
> But that's not what you're looking for. You can't share a data domain 
> between two datacenters.
> As for importing a storage domain which is active on one datacenter to 
> another datacenter, there are two cases:
> - If the datacenters are in the same oVirt setup, that won't be 
> possible, and the operation will not be performed.
> - If the datacenters are in two different oVirt setups, the import to 
> the second datacenter will succeed, but you will experience issues in 
> the first datacenter.
> The reason for that is that the host in the second datacenter 
> overrides the storage domain metadata when importing it.
> Therefore, you cannot import a storage domain to a second datacenter 
> while it is active on the first one, anyway.
> Regards,
> Idan
> On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 10:44 AM, Arsène Gschwind 
> <arsene.gschwind at unibas.ch <mailto:arsene.gschwind at unibas.ch>> wrote:
>     Hi Roberto,
>     Thanks for your information but....
>     When I'm writing about DC I mean defined DC in oVirt and so far I
>     could see that when you define a storage domain in one oVirt DC it
>     will not be available in another DC and I don't know what would
>     happen if I would import it on the second DC.
>     In your setup, did you just define 1 DC and multiple clusters?
>     Regards,
>     Arsène
>     On 05/01/2016 01:37 PM, NUNIN Roberto wrote:
>>     Hi
>>     I have in production the scenery something similar to what you've
>>     described.
>>     The "enabling factor" is represented by an "storage
>>     virtualization" set of appliances, that maintain mirrored logical
>>     volume over fc physical volumes across two distinct datacenters,
>>     while giving rw simultaneus access to cluster hypervisors split
>>     between datacenters, that run the VMs.
>>     So: cluster also is spread across dc, no need to import nothing.
>>     Regards,
>>     *Roberto*
>>     Il giorno 01 mag 2016, alle ore 10:37, Arsène Gschwind
>>     <arsene.gschwind at unibas.ch <mailto:arsene.gschwind at unibas.ch>> ha
>>     scritto:
>>>     Hi,
>>>     Is it possible to have a shared Storage domain between 2
>>>     Datacenter in oVirt?
>>>     We do replicate a FC Volume between 2 datacenter using FC SAN
>>>     storage technology and we have an oVirt cluster on each site
>>>     defined in separate DCs. The idea behind this is to setup a DR
>>>     site and also balance the load between each site.
>>>     What happens if I do import a storage domain already active in
>>>     one DC, will it break the Storage domain?
>>>     Thanks for any information..
>>>     Regards,
>>>     Arsène
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