[ovirt-users] Snapshot is "Locked" - Can't do anything with the VM

Ivo Rütsche lists.ovirt.org at direct.ruetsche.com
Tue May 3 17:23:15 UTC 2016

Hi oVirt List

We have the problem, that two of our VM's have "Locked" snapshots and we 
can't go forward. From 10 VM's which we move from one store to another, 
we have problems with 5 of them to delete the snapshots. But with a lot 
of luck, the snapshot was always on the dedicated Swap-Disk, so we just 
have to remove the whole disk and create it again as new.

Because we replace all the filers, we have to move the VM's arround. The 
move itself runns fine, but deleting the snapshots doesn't work sometimes.

I found a lot about our problem, but I can't find any solution, which 
works an our environment.

Our setup:
- 3 Solaris filer with NFS exports for the hosts for the vm-images
- 8 hosts (oVirt 3.6 / Centos 7.2.1511)
- The engine host is located outside of the DC, connected via VPN

At the moment, one of the "problem-VM" is productive, the other should 
become productive in the next days, so we focus us to the 2nd VM, 
because we can play arround with them. The other one is startet up, but 
i have no idea, what happens, when i shut them down...

This is the status today of VM, which is not productive at the moment:
- VM Status: Down
- Snapshots OK: 2
- Snapshots Locked: 1
- In the snapshot tab, everything is grayed out (Create, Preview, 
Commit, Undo etc.)
- No active tasks are displayed

Error message when i try to start the VM:
"Cannot run VM. The VM is performing an operation on a Snapshot. Please 
wait for the operation to finish, and try again."

Something about the history of this VM:
1. We start the disk move from filer1 to filer3, totaly 4 drives, 
everything was fine
2. Deleting snapshots, i think one or two runns fine
3. Deleting the 2nd or 3rd snapshot runs two days without an end
4. Rebooting the Engine
5. No task anymore in the Tasks list
6. The status of the snapshot is "Locked", die Disk of this snapshot 
becoms "Illegal" and red
7. Shutdown the VM -  no luck, i can't start it again --> "Cannot run 
VM. The VM is performing an operation on a Snapshot. Please wait for the 
operation to finish, and try again."
8. We move the disk back from filer3 to the filer1
9. The status of the snapshot is "Locked", die Disk of this snapshot 
becoms "OK" and green
...but i can't delete the snapshot or starting the VM :(

Today, i copy the image files to a dedicated KVM host, which is not 
involved in the oVirt environment and i merge the image manualy together:
qemu-img convert -p -f qcow2 804ffcc3-446f-4c56-ba99-ab90c7951a6f -O raw 

I mount the image and everything fine, all the changes from the last two 
days are now in a base image. I try to remove the whole disk in oVirt, 
but i still got the error message, that i have to wait. So for me, the 
next step is to create a new VM and migrate everything manualy, this 
will work, but can't be the solution for the other VM, which is 
productive and it have the same problem.

Some information about:

[root at lin-ovirt7 images]# vdsm-tool dump-volume-chains 

Images volume chains (base volume first)

    image:    f3cfefd2-d467-41d5-a054-5b01f81a21b4

              - a018521a-bd3a-4322-ac79-52d15e95639e
                status: OK, voltype: INTERNAL, format: RAW, legality: 

              - 2e2f0b4a-b015-4b50-8d10-51726de460a9
                status: OK, voltype: INTERNAL, format: COW, legality: 

              - 804ffcc3-446f-4c56-ba99-ab90c7951a6f
                status: OK, voltype: LEAF, format: COW, legality: LEGAL, 
type: SPARSE
[root at lin-ovirt7 images]# ls -altrh f3cfefd2-d467-41d5-a054-5b01f81a21b4/
total 34G
-rw-rw----+  1 vdsm kvm 1.0M  2. Mai 21:03 
-rw-rw----+  1 vdsm kvm 1.0M  2. Mai 21:03 
-rw-r--r--+  1 vdsm kvm  260  2. Mai 21:03 
-rw-rw----+  1 vdsm kvm 1.0M  2. Mai 21:03 
-rw-rw----+  1 vdsm kvm 300G  2. Mai 22:26 
-rw-rw----+  1 vdsm kvm  77M  2. Mai 22:27 
-rw-rw----+  1 vdsm kvm 3.5G  2. Mai 22:34 
-rw-r--r--+  1 vdsm kvm  364  2. Mai 22:34 
-rw-r--r--+  1 vdsm kvm  264  2. Mai 22:34 
drwxr-xr-x+  2 vdsm kvm   11  2. Mai 22:34 .
drwxr-xr-x+ 50 vdsm kvm   50  3. Mai 14:30 ..
[root at lin-ovirt7 images]#

I attach some line from the engine.log, maybe someone can help, if you 
need more information everything is here.

gruss ivo

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