[ovirt-users] Hosts temporarily in "Non Operational" state after upgrade

Sahina Bose sabose at redhat.com
Wed May 4 08:28:12 UTC 2016

On 05/04/2016 01:21 PM, Michal Skrivanek wrote:
>> On 29 Apr 2016, at 18:49, Will Dennis <wdennis at nec-labs.com> wrote:
>> Answers inline below...
>>> From: Michal Skrivanek [mailto:michal.skrivanek at redhat.com]
>>> what exactly did you do in the UI?
>> Clicked on the node, and in the bottom pane, clicked on the "Upgrade" link showing there (the nodes also had an icon indicating that updates were available)
>>> so..it was not in Maintenance when you run the update?
>>> You should avoid doing that as an update to any package may interfere with running guests.
>>> E.g. a qemu rpm update can (and likely will) simply kill all your VMs, I suppose similarly for Gluster before updating anything
>>> the volumes should be in some kind of maintenance mode as well
>> No, the "Upgrade" link once clicked migrates any running VM off the target node onto another node, then sets the target node into Maintenance mode, and then performs the updates.
> ok, thanks for clarification, you got me scared:)
>> Once the updates are completed successfully, it re-activates the node and makes it available again. On the second and third nodes this coming out of Maintenance process experienced a problem with mounting the Gluster storage so it seems, and had the problems I'd indicated.
> it might be a question for gluster guys, it might be that the maintenance process is a bit different there
> Sahina, can you check/comment that?

Activation of hosts - after maintenance, w.r.t gluster - checks that 
glusterd is connected and returns Peer status as connected.
The error seems to be in activating the gluster storage domain - 
hosted_storage. Did you see anything suspicious w.r.t this in vdsm logs?

Regarding the Host being unresponsive with "Heartbeat exceeded" - we 
have a bug logged on this which is being investigated - 
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1331006. In this bug too, 
the host regains connectivity after ~ 2 mins time.

> Thanks,
> michal
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