[ovirt-users] Log4j hostname

Dominique Taffin dominique.taffin at 1und1.de
Mon May 9 13:37:05 UTC 2016


We are using the log4j extension  to send ovirt logs to a logstash server.

As we do have several engine hosts and only one logging backend, we do need to filter logs by hostname. So far I am unable to provide a hostname in

Log4jLogger.properties. All Log4j configurations we have in other applications/servers to honor the log4j.Application property. I tried setting it up by:

ovirt.engine.extension.name = Log4j
ovirt.engine.extension.provides = org.ovirt.engine.api.extensions.logger.Logger
ovirt.engine.extension.bindings.method = jbossmodule
ovirt.engine.extension.binding.jbossmodule.module = org.ovirt.engine-extensions.logger.log4j
ovirt.engine.extension.binding.jbossmodule.class = org.ovirt.engineextensions.logger.log4j.Log4jLogger
log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, myappender

log4j.appender.myappender = org.apache.log4j.net.SyslogAppender
log4j.appender.myappender.SyslogHost = logstash-server.something
log4j.appender.myappender.Port = 5544
log4j.appender.myappender.ReconnectionDelay = 60000
log4j.appender.myappender.Application = ovirthostname
log4j.appender.myappender.LocationInfo = true
log4j.appender.myappender.Threshold = DEBUG
log4j.appender.myappender.layout = org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout
log4j.appender.myappender.layout.ConversionPattern=[%c] %m%n

Logs do arrive, but no hostname. Can anyone point me out on how to include the hostname in the logs?

thank you and best,

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