[ovirt-users] vioscsi.sys BSOD with Win 7

Cam Mac iucounu at gmail.com
Mon May 9 17:28:57 UTC 2016


I'm running oVirt and when I install a Win 7 guest
VM, using VirtIO disk, networking etc, it goes through the install process
ok, but blue screens upon boot with a vioscsi.sys error (attached). I have
tried the official version ovirt-guest-tools-iso 3.6.0 0.2_master.fc22, as
well as some earlier and later versions. I am using a PXE boot method with
a Windows deployment server, which has the drivers from the oVirt tools ISO
installed (indeed, it picks up the drive and networking and I can see it
installing the drivers). I have tried with the generic IDE and rtl8139
config on the guest, and it also fails with the same vioscsi.sys error
after rebooting upon finishing installation even though I'm using IDE as
the disk driver.

I have uploaded a win 7 x64 ISO and tried installing that, and it loads the
VirtIO viostor driver (using the method at:
and even manages to partition the disks, but fails to install on the disk
(screenshot attached).

I've tried temporarily removing the vioscsi files from the install server
as a last resort, but as expected it fails to install properly, though I
thought it used the viostor driver instead.

Thanks for any help.


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