[ovirt-users] vioscsi.sys BSOD with Win 7

Cam Mac iucounu at gmail.com
Wed May 11 11:21:10 UTC 2016

Hi Ladi,

> It is the same issue though, I have checked the timestamp in your BSOD
> screenshot. The driver running on the system at the time of crash was
> a build targeted at Win8 or newer.

> >> The other thing
> >> is that the crash happens after the install, upon first reboot.
> >> The
> >> contents of the Windows guest tools ISO
> >> are copied to the Windows Deployment server from where they are
> installed.
> Can you feed only the Win7 subset of the ISO to WDS? Sorry, I am not
> familiar with WDS enough to be more helpful.
> The problem with all the virtio-win releases so far is that the
> drivers don't declare the minimum Windows version they support. So
> Windows (or in this case WDS?) is free to choose any of them, usually
> going after the highest version which tends to be the Win8 variety.
> This will also be fixed soon.

We will try just the win 7 drivers that shipped with 3.6.3 rather than the
SHA-2 signed FC23 drivers and I'll get back to you. I have a question:
if I try to build a Win2k12 server via WDS, I assume I will have to add
the 2k12 drivers and then remove them again if I go to build a Win 7 VM
as Win 7 will presumably try to pick up the 2k12 driver? Or can they
WDS has a build process whenever drivers are added (e.g., for KVM, VMWare
etc) for available drivers. Do you know when the fix will be available?

> >> When I try an alternative install using a Win 7 ISO, rather than PXE
> boot,
> >> it fails at a different point. This is using
> >> the oVirt Windows guest tools ISO that is in the 3.6.3 repos. When it
> >> comes to installing to disk, I change the CD
> >> to the guest tools ISO and browse to the win7 drivers
> >> (ovirt-tools-setup/drivers/virtio/viostor/w7/amd64/, which has
> >> the viostor drivers), but then the installer complains it cannot install
> >> on the disk, even though it can successfully
> >> create partitons on it (see attached screenshot).
> What does it say when you click "Show details"?

It just says: Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error:
0x80300001 (see attached)

I've tried a variety of different ways to do this, by deleting all
partitions, allowing Windows to create
them again, formatting them etc. I've tried both the viostor and vioscsi
drivers with the same result.
No matter what partition I select (System or Primary) it always produces
the same error.

Any ideas on when the newly signed drivers will be available?

Kind regards,

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