[ovirt-users] [moVirt] Add several datacenters

Tomas Jelinek tjelinek at redhat.com
Fri May 13 14:04:16 UTC 2016

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> Subject: [ovirt-users] [moVirt] Add several datacenters
> Hello,
> I finally was able to correctly connect to one of our DC with moVirt, so
> I can show off and it is so cool.
> But I find no way to add several datacenters.

If you mean by "datacenter" the datacenters inside one ovirt installation then it should work and you should see VMs from all of them (with ability to filter by cluster).

If you mean several ovirt installations than it is not implemented, but it is one of the things we would like to implement.
So I have opened an issue for it: https://github.com/matobet/moVirt/issues/174

> May someone help please?
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