[ovirt-users] [Users] Host moved to Non-operational state interfaces are down

Clifford Trueman clifford.trueman at gmail.com
Tue May 17 11:29:32 UTC 2016


Having an issue with a completely standalone system (no actual network
Fresh out of the box installation.

The issue I'm running into is actually well described here;


I've read through the admin guide several times and I'm struggling to find
any information detailing exactly how ovirtmangment network exists on my

My configuration is process was as follows:

Centos 7 System has two physical interfaces

we'll call them en1 en2 for simplicities sake.

en1 = resolves to in host file as localmachine.test.net
en2 = bridged to ovirtmgmt

with my fresh install of ovirt-engine, I added my local machine as host
node and it installed the packages and shows up, but fails to down state
after about 10  - 15 seconds with

Host moved to Non-Operational state due to interfaces which are down are
needed by required networks in your cluster.

I then tried binding the ovirtmgmt network to the other interface so it
didn't ride on the same NIC that resolves the FQDN of the box.

So I'm currently at a loss of what to try next, any help would be greatly
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